Post on xenophobia & criminality of Jeanine Pirro hits a sore spot with right-wingers. Tough noogies.

On a post I did about the xenophobia & criminality of Judge Jeanine Pirro, I got hit with an avalanche of right-wingers. Usually I have no problems with a public wall but anti-Muslim sentiment is riding high right now & loudmouths & the deranged apparently identify with it. They seem to communicate only in CAPS & memes.

Why they’re incensed enough to evangelize on my wall beats me. I come from a family of right-wingers & I’ve never understood the psychology. Or is it a pathology? I’ll likely hit the grave before I’ve grasped its inner essence. At least I hope so.

Anyway, I’ve blocked & deleted most of the comments but left a few so we get a look at what we’re up against politically. Muslims in the US don’t stand alone. There are millions of civil libertarians & people of good will who stand with them.

We need always keep in mind that the force which drives social hatred back under its rock is political power which we much mobilize against war, for immigrant & refugee rights, & in defense of the Bill of Rights for all.