Please sign petition to European Union demanding emergency search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea

African baby immigrant (Alessandra Tarantino:AP) Apr 21 2015

This infant is one of the 100 immigrants, including 28 children, rescued Sunday from the boat capsize. There’s no indication either of her/his parents were among the rescued. Media reports 700 drowned but rescued immigrants claim there were 950 people on the boat so the actual death toll is quite a bit higher & a crime of catastrophic proportions. And it was not the only incident in the past few days. They’re still dragging bodies out of the water near the Greek island of Rhodes where a boat capsized.

European Union (EU) immigration policy (which polices the borders & does not rescue) is being exposed as barbaric & is coming under international fire. Media is helping it save face by blaming smugglers & traffickers, who are not without culpability, but the real problem is racist, xenophobic immigration policies. They’ve arrested two smugglers implicated in the recent incident but they haven’t yet hauled in any EU officials, without whom a prosecution would be incomplete.

Please sign & share this petition to the EU demanding emergency search & rescue operations on the Mediterranean Sea:…

(Photo by Alessandra Tarantino/AP)

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