Palestinian & Kashmiri women teach their children well

Woman at checkpoint in West Bank ((Mussa Qawasma:Reuters)  Aug 18 2016Woman & tear gas canister in Srinagar ( Cathal McNaughton:Reuters) Aug 18 2016

Ever wonder where Palestinian & Kashmiri youth get their ‘in your face’ style of rebellion against brutal occupations?

The top photo is a Palestinian woman in the West Bank arguing with Israeli soldiers searching her at a checkpoint near a refugee camp (for those displaced by Israeli settlers). This is taking place at the same time Israeli soldiers are on a rampage in the refugee camp conducting searches & using live ammo & rubber bullets against Palestinians. Twenty-five Palestinians were injured.

The bottom photo is a Kashmiri woman in Srinagar trying to cover a tear gas canister fired by Indian troops at Kashmiris protesting several recent killings & beatings by the occupying forces, including a young school teacher killed in their custody.

Remember these images the next time the White House & US Pentagon claim that bombing a country to smithereens is necessary to liberate the women.

(Photo of Palestinian woman by Mussa Qawasma/Reuters. Photo of Kashmiri woman by Cathal McNaughton/Reuters)