On the vicious circle of lesser evil politics

With Sanders enthusiastic campaigning for Clinton, Chomsky’s entirely predictable support for Clinton as lesser evil (he never could get that straight), & Angela Davis doing the “We have to defeat Trump by any means necessary” thing, lots of people are waiting for voters who refuse to vote lesser evil to fold.

They’re waiting for panic to set in, for contrition from hard-assed types who say no to both (the majority of US voters), & they’re beating the drums furiously for Clinton. There are even unsavory types guilt-baiting Jill Stein supporters as white supremacists because they’re not whipped into a frenzy against Trump’s racism.

Jill Stein has some serious political failings, particularly on Israel & US militarism, but she is crystal clear on lesser evil voting & undaunted by the lowlife baiting of her as a white supremacist.

Voting lesser evil is an understandable choice if you don’t know how the US government is really run. The president is not a free agent. He/she is not just a ventriloquist dummy but they don’t formulate US policy; they administer policy formulated in think tanks, special agencies, special consultants like Kissinger, the Pentagon & CIA, corporation officials & Wall Street bankers.

If you’re campaigning for Clinton & ignoring her political past (chock full of racist policies) or because she is more likely, in your fevered delusional imagination, to go to war against Assad, don’t pretend you’re doing the righteous thing because the only person you’re fooling is yourself.