On the Taliban massacre of school children in Pakistan

Condemnation of the Taliban murder of 145 school children in Pakistan has been swift & furious. Ban Ki-moon called it “blood-curdling” with no possible justification; John Kerry, who does not flinch from genocide in Gaza, said “This act of terror angers & shakes all people of conscience.” Although how the hell would he know how people of conscience respond? Martin Schulz, the head of the EU parliament, said “This crime is abominable & cowardly, & leaves us stunned & speechless.” But not as speechless as he was during the Israeli siege of Gaza! With haughty indignation he rears up on his hind legs to protest: “And what surely shocks us in particular, is that they don’t even hesitate to murder children.” He must have missed when Israeli bombers went after the children of Gaza.

Most of us outside Pakistan don’t have a clue who the Taliban are. They’re a shadowy paramilitary political force likely riddled with police agents. Since information available here is sifted through Islamophobia & war propaganda, most of us don’t know squat about who they are. But it’s pretty clear their politics & perspectives stink to high heaven. Even so, before we follow the lead & start denouncing like Ban Ki-moon & the boys we ought to get the facts straight. It’s not a matter of holding off judgement on the massacre of children but of holding off judgement on who the perpetrators are.

Media reports Pakistan special forces led a rescue operation against seven Taliban terrorists. Media has been more reticent to report on the sustained bombing campaign conducted in that region by the Pakistani military which has surely killed a lot more than 145 civilians & dislocated millions.

It is absolutely vile that school children would be made pawns in the conflict between the Pakistani military & the Taliban–whoever the hell they are. Whoever is behind this massacre should be hunted down & prosecuted. But it’s not inconceivable that hunt will lead straight back to the Pakistani regime.

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