On the relationship between Zionism & Hindutva ideology

An enlightening article about the growing political & ideological relationship between India & Israel, now yoked by militarism & occupation in Palestine & Kashmir. A victory for the Palestinian & Kashmiri struggles would be a massive defeat for racist, supremacist ideology & strengthen the struggle against it everywhere. Racism is a scourge that humanity can & must overcome.

“What is ironic about this growing bonhomie between Israel and India is the fact that the RSS, the parent organization of the governing BJP, and its Hindutva was inspired by the Nazis and Fascists. The extermination of Jews at the hands of Hitler has long been idealized by the Sangh as the “final solution” to deal with India’s own minorities.

This hasn’t however in any way dampened the passion of Hindutva-Zionist love affair. Indeed, Hindutva ideologues have long admired Israel, hoping to replicate its apartheid model of one religion, one culture supremacy. As Anilesh S. Mahajan argues, Israel is everything that the RSS has long wanted India to be and Modi is making it happen.”

–Aijaz Zaka Syed