On the attack on Hindu pilgrims in Kashmir

Even though these Hindu pilgrimages from India to Kashmir are more displays of nationalist power than religious rituals, it is tragic that someone attacked a bus of them, killing 7 & injuring 19. It’s tragic but I’m not going to join the chorus of denunciations because it’s unlikely that Kashmiri militants did it & more likely that Indian forces did the slaughter to discredit the Kashmiri struggle & justify even greater barbarism. That’s not conspiracy thinking; it’s probability.

To be frank, I’m also not going to do the denunciation thing because I won’t grieve more for nationalists playing holy as an act of provocation in support of occupation than the braying chorus of nationalist jackasses grieve for the tens of thousands of Kashmiris killed, disappeared, raped, tortured, incarcerated, blinded & disabled, disfigured, traumatized under occupation.

The oppressed don’t fight for freedom using the barbarisms of the oppressors. They also don’t like being played for fools.

May those who died RIP. They should never have trusted the Indian military to protect them when it is notorious for monstrous crimes against the people of Kashmir.

Go back India, go back.