On the electoral victory of Jeremy Corbyn

To be honest, the politics of Jeremy Corbyn aren’t entirely clear to me since I never heard of him before his campaign to head the British Labour party. I was disinclined to follow his campaign since the Labour party has been looking like a political carcass for a long time.

But I knew Corbyn was different than Bernie Sanders, the xenophobe who supports Israeli apartheid, votes for war appropriations, & hasn’t an international bone in his body, because Corbyn has actually participated for years in campaigns against Britain’s involvement in the Iraq & Afghanistan wars & in solidarity with Palestinians.

So while I’m not an authority on British electoral politics or the Labour party, I actually think it’s great news Corbyn won the election. The despicable David Cameron doesn’t agree–& this confirms my judgement. Cameron said on his FB page: “The Labour Party is now a threat to our national security, our economic security & your family’s security.” But he’s probably using the royal we & talking to Betty Windsor & her class, not to working people.