On libertarianism’s reactionary politics

Found this post (now slightly edited) in memories from October 20, 2014. As you see, my objections to the analytical methods of libertarianism go back a long way. They’re not any better on Syria than they are on “Satanic feminism” or Jewish bankers (i.e., the Illuminati) running the world.
In a regrettable discussion group on FB where I had no place being, a fellow with a pointy head said, “Mary Scully’s face is the epitome of Satanic feminism.” Another fellow who resembled a Martian said “Feminism was manufactured by the Rockefellers to disempower women.” They didn’t mention the feminism invented by the Bolsheviks but that’s coming.

I asked myself, “should I be concerned?” Then I scrolled down the wall & found lengthy treatises claiming the Ebola epidemic is a hoax complete with face makeup & phony hazmat suits; the Protocols of the Elders of Zion quoted like scripture to prove a point; articles on sex orgies with aliens; & another charge associating me with the Illuminati.

Libertarians have one toe planted tenuously in reality & the rest of them breaking through thin ice. Their heads are stuffed full of paranoia, antisemitism, devils, evil Bolsheviks, & promiscuous feminists–all with the patina of anti-establishment & progressive politics. Where crazy ends in their scenarios of reality, hateful reactionary politics fill the breach.