Khurram Parvez

Not for one moment have I forgotten this is day 104 of the military siege in Kashmir. I am trying to catch up with events from the past several days, particularly the numbers arrested in home raids, injured or killed in protests.

The defense of Khurram Parvez also has to be updated. On Saturday, I was scheduled to be part of a program commemorating the 2014 disappearance of the 43 Ayotzinapa student teachers in Mexico. Because of that damn root canal I was unable to attend but had hoped to send solidarity greetings & photos from that event to Khurram’s defense.

His work included collaboration between organizations against forcible disappearance from South Asia to Latin America & Mexico where tens of thousands have been forcibly disappeared. His mission is a work in progress & it rests now with helping get him out of indefinite detention so he can proceed.