October 7th is the 14th anniversary of U.S.-NATO barbarism in Afghanistan

Wednesday, October 7th, is the 14th anniversary of the US-NATO war in Afghanistan. As we know–from mostly alternative media’s altogether scanty reporting–bombing continues & Green Beret atrocities continue against civilians. Obama lies about the war winding down–& Afghans continue to die & suffer.

The international antiwar movement, including in the US, is weak at a time when US bombing & wars are expanding at an alarming pace. You can’t magically wish an antiwar movement into existence–no matter how imperative the need for solidarity with the people of Afghanistan & elsewhere. But that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to that political default.

We weren’t able to pull together an action in this area but I always keep in mind that single Palestinian picketer during the 1967 Israeli war over Palestine who, despite the pro-Israeli hysteria, stood alone in front of the student union with a placard opposing the war. He began my education in Palestinian solidarity.

So I’m heading out to Bentsen Towers in McAllen on Wednesday, come hell or high water, with a placard demanding the immediate withdrawal of all US forces from Afghanistan. I would love not to be alone & welcome any who also want to express their opposition to this war. If you do, let me know. If we just reach one person & draw them into activism, our slight discomfort will more than be worth it. Many more would be better.