Objection from leftists to “identity politics” at Democratic convention

Some commentators on the DNC were repulsed by what they considered an overload of identity politics. Actually the very strong presence of women, Blacks, Latinos, disability activists–although entirely orchestrated for effect & political manipulation–is precisely what made the event so impressive & appealing.

That inclusiveness, which is only window dressing & does not reflect the political character of the DP in any way, is the schtick & gestalt that maintains a political hold on so many voters.

The identities of oppression are not counterposed to class as so many sectarian leftists claim but reflect the complexities & pervasive character of inequality under capitalism.

To mock the dominant presence of women, Blacks, Latinos, et al, is really at heart quite racist & misogynist. Would it have been more class-based & less objectionable if white men were more apparent & women, Blacks, et al in our usual subordinate, deferential positions?