Facebook links censorship of Kashmir posts to terrorism

To emphasize the meaning of FB censorship of posts about the siege in Kashmir, this was their statement quoted in a recent Guardian-UK article:

“There is no place on Facebook for content that praises or supports terrorists, terrorists organisations or terrorism. We welcome discussion on these subjects but any terrorist content has to be clearly put in context which condemns these organisations & or their violent activities. Therefore, profiles & content supporting or praising Hizbul Mujahideen & Burhan Wani are removed as soon as they are reported to us.”

Several of those censored & locked out are academics or otherwise employed by those who would not welcome associates who are libeled in this way. Allegations or insinuations of terrorism are the new McCarthyism & must be fought tooth & nail by those who value civil liberties.

The main point of course is to maintain the news blackout about the occupation & portray the struggle in Kashmir as terrorist insurgency rather than against a brutal occupation.

That’s what makes the damn petition so important to sign & circulate. Get with the program & sign it.