NY Times editorial tries to stuff Kashmiri struggle into Islamophobic war on terror narrative


If one did an archival search of NY Times articles on Kashmir prior to the 2016 Kashmiri uprising, one would find a dearth of any sustained analysis. There was a decades-long news blackout in most international media until Kashmiri activists (like Palestinians, Rohingyas, Uyghurs) began using social media to educate about their freedom struggle. Media had to end their blackout which allowed India to run wild in order to get ahead of the story, to control the narrative within the framework of the Islamophobic war on terror. They had to put the head-chopping jihadi Wahhabi/Salafi spin on the story even though there are probably less than 200 militants left in Kashmir since so many have been killed just this year. This is a very important article by Kashmiris Hafsa Kanjwal (who spoke at the NYC Gaza rally) & Mohamad Junaid answering a May 18th NY Times editorial titled “A Long shot in Kashmir” which attempts to make the Kashmiri freedom struggle a territorial dispute between India & Pakistan & which raises the specter of Islamist terrorism: