Palestinians missing, disappeared, shot in cold blood at Yarmouk refugee camp

Missing and disappeared from Yarmouk May 27 2018
The Syria Solidarity Movement, an Assadist cult comprised of those with diminished or corrupted political capacity, issued a statement on “the liberation of Yarmouk” Palestinian refugee camp near Damascus. They congratulated the glorious Syrian army & admired the remarkable patience of the Assad regime in “allowing the Palestinian refugee population to try to reconcile its differences & take the lead in expelling ISIS & al-Qaeda” from Yarmouk.” But enough is enough & finally the regime lost patience & expelled ISIS & al-Qaeda by bombing the entire camp, including the civilian refugees, to smithereens. The Syrian Solidarity Movement says the regime handled “the delicate situation” of genocide quite skillfully, especially the looting of Palestinian homes without first checking for survivors in the rubble.

The Action Group for Palestinians of Syria, who speak for Palestinian refugees & not for the Assad regime, see things quite differently. They report that the Syrian army shot two young Palestinians in cold blood when they objected to the looting. They report that a mentally ill Palestinian man in Yarmouk accused by Syrian soldiers of being an ISIS operative was beaten, verbally abused, & disappeared. They also report that the family of an elderly Palestinian man & his wife are trying to find out the fate of their parents since they lost contact with them during the bombing. The glorious Syrian army is so busy looting it hasn’t had time to do search & rescue operations for survivors. Only White Helmets do that as part of their propaganda work. The glorious Syrian army has Bartlett & Beeley & their Islamophobic guppies in the Syrian Solidarity Movement to do the dirty work for them.

(Photos are Mohammed Zuhair Tawaklana whose family is looking for him, on top; Eissa Yehia Abu Zeid, the mentally ill man who has been disappeared, on left; & Rami Mohammed Salman who was shot in cold blood after objecting to the looting, on right)