Noam Chomsky fumbles lesser-evil politics–again!

Noam Chomsky’s analyses have been invaluable for decades in educating about the political character of Israel & about other political questions. It is deeply regrettable that he believes in the necessity of a Jewish-only state, supports a bantustate solution, & opposes BDS. Chomsky has always been honest in admitting that when it comes to proposing “what to do” in politics, he is at a loss. We only wish that explained his opposition to BDS.

Now he has come out promoting the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders. This isn’t the first election Chomsky has fumbled with lesser-evil politics. In 2012 he gave a half-assed endorsement of Obama. Politically he calls himself an anarchist but when push comes to shove, he has a hell of a time disassociating himself from the status quo of state power.

That isn’t just because he doesn’t know “what to do” but because he doesn’t understand the character of the Democratic Party or of capitalist rule. Or is it because like with apartheid Israel, he can live with the monstrous crimes as long as he is allowed to be a loyal critic?