No matter how long or how brutal the occupation, Kashmiris will never abandon their struggle for self-determination

Kashmiri protesters go after Indian army vehicle (REUTERS:Danish Ismail) Aug 30 2016

These protesters are going after an Indian armored vehicle during a protest today in Srinagar. It’s one thing to respect the political tenacity of these young activists after 52 days of curfew & extreme violence. It’s quite another to realize that military occupation is their youth, their lives & takes an immense toll on their sense of safety & well-being.

Like Israel in Gaza & the West Bank or like the US in Iraq, Afghanistan, & elsewhere, India hopes to exhaust the political energies of Kashmiris who resist occupation & colonialism. There are periods of demoralization during long occupations. But occupation & oppression are a constant call to arms & the truth is Kashmiris will never end their struggle for self-determination. That is exactly why children & youth are targeted.

End the occupation. Self-determination for Kashmir.

(Photo by Danish Ismail/Reuters)