NCIS and other TV series glorify military and all things odious

NCIS is one of the several TV series that glorifies the military with politics that are blatantly Islamophobic & anti-democratic. On one episode the lead character played by Mark Harmon flipped off a comment about shooting protesters down not because they were unruly but because they were protesting. He’s a bum (with family relations to Ozzie & Harriet).

Tonight’s episode had a lengthy scene where the Israeli flag on a stick was prominent in the foreground. Since Israel was not even mentioned in the episode is there some sort of subliminal stimulus going on here? Is pledging allegiance to Israel now part of pledging allegiance to the Pentagon?

Those who went through the McCarthy era recognize that TV is not becoming more propaganda, less entertainment; it’s always woven political messaging into its programming. In the 1950s they had shows like “I Led Three Lives” based on the life of Herbert Philbrick who spied on the Communist Party in Cambridge, MA for the FBI. Today it’s NCIS & other rubbish.

(If you are so insolent as to ask why I was watching such reactionary rubbish, let me just say I don’t have cable & re

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