My new sobriquet: the Mata Hari of social media

You ought not post things on Facebook that you don’t want public. Word gets around those blocks. Three friends have told me about a campaign to get me unfriended & blocked as a fake antiwar activist & possibly something much more sinister like a Mossad, NATO, or Al-Qaeda agent.

Mata Hari doesn’t fit me. They can stick the imputation where the sun don’t shine. The charge is penny-ante compared to claiming civilians in Syria are head-chopping terrorists & need to be taken out by Syrian & Russian bombers.

Most of those denouncing me were bitter I’d bounced them for anti-Semitic crap, usually of the “Rothschild banksters” kind. Tough noogies on that one. I was glad to see my success rate of eliminating haters was so high.

There was one very disturbing comment they showed me by a woman I don’t know. She said I was an activist for the Rohingya who are “militarized with the same Wahhabi/Salafi brand of Sunni Islam” practiced by the Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria & that I am “crying genocide” about people with a lot of Al-Qaeda affiliates fighting for regime change. Not a single person objected to that comment.

The Muslim-hating & its association with hating on Jews, the fetish about regime change that allows people who think they’re avant-garde to support Duterte death squads, genocide in Myanmar, & bombing civilians in Syria is of a piece & not incidental to Assadism.