Musab Iqbal’s brilliant Swiftian piece in solidarity with Syrian revolution against Assad

This brilliant Swiftian piece by Musab Iqbal re-posted in solidarity with the Syrian revolution:

The “Revolutionary” manifesto of 21st-century Hypocrites

– Russian intervention is different from US/Nato intervention

– Russia has no imperial/colonial ambition (ever) unlike US and allies

– Iran-backed militias are not like US/Saudi-backed militias. Former unlike latter is busy saving human lives with great empathy and kindness

– Assad is the most ideal democrat and any criticism of him and his power is sinful

– Assad army never shot or killed anyone, in fact Hama massacre never happened, there is no prison and torture center in Syria

– Syrian Army is personally trained by Gandhiji

– The world is made of binary. If you are not with us (Russia-Syria-Iran) then you are with them (ISIS-Al Qaeda- USA- Saudi etc)

– Celebrating death and torture is the most merciful and dignified revolutionary act

– Iran is defending Secularism and Democracy in Syria like it is doing in its own country

– Everyone is lying except PressTV, RT and journalists close to Assad regime

– Don’t criticize Syrian regime if you have not criticized all the violence in the world starting from Habeel and Qabeel (Adam’s son killing the other son)

– There is/was never political opposition in Syria, there were terrorists and there are terrorists.