Activists who lead regeneration of antiwar solidarity will speak in chorus of languages demanding “No US wars!”

This is the list of seven Muslim-majority countries whose citizens Trump banned by Executive Order from entering the US: Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, & Iran.┬áThe problem with the ban is that it only goes one way. The citizens of those countries can’t keep the US out. The US, which has has massive military & covert operations in six of the banned countries & is eyeballing Iran, has created hundreds of thousands of war refugees.

We don’t have to stand for this Executive Order which comes down like a hammer on hundreds of thousands of war refugees stranded all over the globe. Assad supporters have been on a wrecking operation & have jeopardized refugees with their talk of head-chopping terrorists & have reduced the antiwar movement to a shell & a mockery of international solidarity. It’s time to rebuild the international antiwar movement to demand the US & all foreign military operations immediately & unconditionally withdraw from wherever they are & to demand the borders be opened & sanctuary given to refugees from wherever they come.

The US antiwar movement is so compromised by association with the Hands Off Syria Coalition that the regeneration of antiwar solidarity may not develop here timely enough to address this crisis–even though activists in the countries responsible for wars have a duty to oppose them without bending an inch to Islamophobic war-mongering.

The anti-Vietnam War movement involved millions on every continent in coordinated actions; Palestinian solidarity against Israeli bombing of Gaza in 2014 involved over a million all over the world; the Women’s Marches involved millions on every continent. If we are to drive back the right-wing onslaught escalated by the Trump regime, it will take all that, not in episodic protest but in sustained campaigns to end these monstrous wars & the Muslim-hating that justifies them.

The countries & activists that lead the regeneration of antiwar solidarity will speak in a chorus of languages demanding “No US wars!”