Mosul, Iraq, “liberation” by bomber:

Mosul, Iraq, “liberation” by bomber:

The US-coalition battle to retake Mosul from ISIS forces lasted from October 2016 to July 2017. No explanation has ever been given of who arms ISIS so that it can sustain control of cities or how those arms are delivered whilst the US is bombing cities under ISIS control. According to a 2017 US Pentagon report, over $1 billion of US arms has landed up in ISIS hands.

The US has never, in any war, made an accounting of civilians it has killed whilst ostensibly trying to liberate them by carpet bombing. Such an accounting would more than condemn the US for war crimes. But Iraqi civil defense authorities reported that 2,585 bodies of civilians were recovered from under rubble six months after ISIS forces had been routed from Mosul. That would explain why so many reporters spoke about the ‘smell of death’ that permeated Mosul after the “liberation.”

According to an Associated Press survey among Mosul’s gravediggers, morgue workers, & volunteers who retrieved bodies from the rubble, between 9,000 & 11,000 civilians were killed, mostly crushed to death, in the carpet bombing siege of Mosul. They have no idea how many hundreds remain buried in the rubble. The morgue estimates were over ten times higher than official death tolls by the Iraqi government & US-coalition forces.

The survey says it can’t be determined how many deaths each side was responsible for–whether civilians were killed & buried by US-coalition mortars, explosives, & carpet bombing or ISIS mortars & explosives. The question of where & how ISIS gets its weapons whilst being bombed becomes more imperative.

Photo is Mosul, Iraq being “liberated.”

US out of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Yemen.

(Photo by Ahmad al-Rubaye/AFP)