More nosing around Zionist social media turns up disturbing info

Here’s a few more things you learn from nosing around Zionist Facebook sites where it”s really hard to see even unintentional sarcasm: Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google & one of the richest people in the world, recently visited Israel with other executives of the investment firm, Innovation Endeavors, which he heads & “which has been one of the most active investment funds in Israel in recent years.”

Zionists continue to use right-wing Palestinians like Bassem Eid & Mudar Zahran to attack the boycott (BDS) movement & Palestinian solidarity with claims it is antisemitic. It’s really not certain both fellows are not deranged as well as traitorous. Zahran gets interviewed as an expert on BBC, Al-Jazeera, Israeli radio, & elsewhere & is often described by media as “the leader of the Palestinians in Jordan” even though he hasn’t lived in Jordan most of his life. He was forced into exile in 2010 after getting nailed reporting, as an employee of the US embassy, on the Jordanian regime to several US agencies, including the CIA & FBI. He writes frequent screeds against Hamas for Gate Stone Institute, a Zionist propaganda tank.

There is an accelerating campaign to make Jerusalem the capital city of Israel & cleanse it of Palestinians–including a FB wall named Countries of the World: Move your embassies to Jerusalem. Zionists are enraged by the US Supreme Court ruling yesterday that a boy born in Jerusalem & now living in the US cannot list “Jerusalem, Israel” as his birthplace on his passport because the US declines to recognize sovereignty over Jerusalem (at least formally). Of course, the question remains, how did such a trifling case ever get to the Supreme Court when more substantial issues are refused a hearing?

There is a fair amount of open war-mongering against Palestinians on these sites & a hateful & near-rabid frenzy against BDS. On one post titled “How do we fight hate?” about a Palestinian solidarity rally in Canada, there were hundreds of positive responses to the ridicule of a young BDS activist who was heavy-set.

What one sees more than anything on these sites is the corrupting influence of Zionist ideology that can sever people so markedly from social & political reality & make them so misanthropic & hateful–& not just toward Palestinians.

The only possible solution is to continue to build the economic, cultural, & academic boycott of Israel as a force for social justice & an alternative to social hatred guided by the vision of a democratic secular state where Jews & Palestinians can live as brothers & sisters.

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