More kindness from strangers

So I’m standing in line at the post office for quite a while when a postal clerk ordered me in the rudest way to leave with little Lukey, the tiny dog I’d be taking to the vet after the post office. “The sign clearly says no dogs,” she growled.

I’m usually riding a crest of human kindness so I answered her, “But the little guy is sick, on his way to a vet, & it’s 100 degrees in the car. We’ll only be a moment.” No matter she said, “The sign clearly says no dogs.”

An elegant woman a few places behind me in line stepped up to me & said “Give me the dog; I’ll hold him outside till you’re finished.” But he’s sick, I told her, & he smells like hell. “No problem,” she said & off they went.

Wouldn’t you know when it was my turn, I got the surly postal clerk. “No thank you,” I told her. “I’ll wait.” The man who waited on me graciously asked about the dog, probably less from interest than an expression of kindness–a man who knows some rules are made to be broken. But the best part was another woman postal clerk leaned over to me & said “When the woman holding your dog comes back in, tell her not to wait in line. Tell her to come right to me & I’ll take care of her without delay.”

The kindness of strangers & many friends too.