Misrepresentation of Palestinians as terrorists goes back to 1948

Yusuf Elhajjar post Mar 31 2018

The misrepresentation of Palestinians as terrorists goes all the back to 1948 when Zionist paramilitary terrorist groups drove Palestinians off their lands & set up the military state of Israel. Such misrepresentation was a feature of media & film, including the vile propaganda rubbish “Exodus” where such actors as Paul Newman fed the lies & romantic myth about the Old Testament being a land deed to Israel. Though it was arrant rubbish, it carried more political weight because of the holocausts of WWII & was partly a way for governments like the US & Europe to cover for their culpability.

Yusuf Elhajjar, who speaks Norwegian, here shows the subtleties of language & outright falsifications used in Norwegian reporting about the deadly attacks on unarmed protesters in Gaza, which turns Palestinians into aggressors rather than freedom fighters & armed Israeli snipers into champions of self-defense.:
“NORWEGIAN NEWS! This Palestinian guy said in Arabic the following: ”We are created by Allah as fearless people. We’ll stay here until our demands are responded to, until our rights are restored”. Whilst on the website of the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, the translation in Norwegian language goes completely different (as shown on this screenshot). For those who do not speak Norwegian, the translation is: ”We are now ready to cross the border. We will not wait, we have crossed it before, and we are going to do it again”.

This is a clear manipulation of what is being said by Palestinians in Gaza, and it could be done on purpose. NB! Palestinian civilians have never crossed the eastern border of Gaza. Yesterday, Friday 30.03.2018, Israeli occupation forces shot and killed 16 Palestinian civilians in Gaza and injured over 1400 others, who were demonstrating peacefully. For more info and to see the video that includes this wrong translation, please check out the link for the news article in the first comment. Peace and love to you from the oppressed people of Gaza/Palestine.”