Misogyny directed at young girls by leftists & lowbrow journalism

The Daily Beast, the online cousin of Vanity Fair & often as banal, just published an article entitled “Bullying Experts: Trump Is an Eighth-Grade Girl.” It doesn’t get more misogynist than that–with the exception of the Facebook site “Meantrots” which has fun at the expense of young girls.

It’s questionable young girls are bigger bullies than boys when statistics show one in five high school girls are physically & sexually abused by dating partners, including rape & murder. The focus on aggression in girls (including ridicule) may be in vogue but it’s a classic case of psychological displacement. Violence in society is primarily directed against females. Statistics around the world make your hair stand on end. The issue should be male violence against females & systemic exclusion of women, not aggression in young girls. Bullying is despicable no matter who does it but there’s nothing young girls need to learn more than how to handle threats & violence.

There are disturbing things in female social psychology–like the tendency to groupie-ism & hero worship–which feminists have tried to analyze & conclude it is a lack of social power that creates such phenomena. But none of this is a laughing matter. The lives of women & girls are at stake. And it’s even less tolerable among radicals than it is in lowbrow journalism.