Mediterranean Sea is a crime scene: thousands of refugees die with no accounting

You can learn a lot from reading that lying-assed mainstream media. Like: the UN refugee agency just reported the number of refugees who drowned crossing the Mediterranean in 2016 was 5,022 people.

Now we find out that there is no reliable data because there is no system for knowing how many people are being packed into those plastic rafts & rickety death traps by illegal traffickers. So according to rescuers involved, ‘thousands of people remain unaccounted for after attempting the deadly Mediterranean Sea crossing.’

That is just like May 2015 in the Andaman Sea where thousands of Rohingya refugees adrift without water & food were abandoned & there is not yet an accounting by any human rights or international agency.

Refugee rights is one of the most important human rights issues of our times. Either we get it right or we’re all going down.
Open the damn borders. Immigration is a human right. Refugee asylum is a duty.