Aung San Suu Kyi being condemned for Rohingya genocide

Aung San Suu Kyi is feeling political heat from public exposure as the human rights face of genocide. At the same time as the open letter to the UN from 23 notables, including 12 fellow Nobel peace laureates, became public, this video was circulated on Twitter by a user named Rohingya Blogger. Suu Kyi’s office says it is now investigating the incident.

The four officers shown in the video assaulting Rohingya detainees, including the officer who took the video, have already been hauled in by Myanmar authorities.

According to Suu Kyi’s office, the footage was filmed November 5th during a “clearance operation” in Kotankauk village–whatever a “clearance operation” is. What’s going on here is outrageous but nothing compared to what the open letter & of course Rohingya human rights activists have accused Burmese troops of doing, including to women & children.

There will be an attempt by Suu Kyi to make this appear an isolated incident & the guy who filmed this may face charges for reckless disregard for Suu Kyi’s image. The important thing is that Suu Kyi’s response shows Rohingya genocide is no longer Myanmar’s dirty secret.

Rohingya solidarity is emerging & on the march. Social media is a central part of that.