Martial law lifted in Ferguson

St. Louis County has ended martial law in Ferguson, Missouri & the surrounding areas. It went into affect on Monday after police accused 18-year-old Tyrone Harris Jr. of opening fire on an unmarked police van. Harris was critically wounded by police gunfire & is in the hospital.

Since that is the only incident of alleged violence from protesters in Ferguson over the past several days, it would seem necessary for authorities to explain the imposition of martial law & the media scare-mongering about violence from protesters.

Under martial law, county police took over Ferguson, preempting local police. Who knew US counties had their own police forces? In revoking martial law, the County Executive said “I am pleased to report our law enforcement officers have established order while preventing further acts of violence in Ferguson.”

So you see!? Even though there was no violence, martial law prevented it. It’s beginning to look like Kafka-world.

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