Little Lukey came home to die

Little Lukey did come home to die. He seemed to be doing so well, still struggling with jumping into the car but finally adept at jumping out with only one good eye. He just wasn’t putting on weight, remained skeletal & was so bereft in spirit. Such a sad little guy. How did he come to this? Was he abandoned, lost, did his caretaker die, where did he come from?

He wouldn’t play outside or eat today & I thought maybe deworming meds upset his stomach. Not wanting to panic, I decided to take him to the vet tomorrow if he wasn’t better. So I’ve been holding him all day whispering to him “Find something to live for, Lukey. You have a family now. You’re safe, you’re home.” Then in a moment he stretched, yawned, & his little spirit passed away.

Sometimes those who suffer many sorrows wonder what they did to deserve such fate. Nothing. It’s just the way life is for now. Little Lukas is a tiny three or four pound miniature Pinscher. He did nothing to bring this on himself but was born in a world that doesn’t understand that animals are “persons” too.

May the little fellow Rest In Peace.