Lindsey Graham: they don’t come dumber

Lindsey Graham (AP:Bill clark) June 25 2015

Lindsey Graham, the US senator from South Carolina, usually looks like he’s half in the wrapper & when he opens his mouth to speak he emits sounds more often smothered in the nether regions–& just as unseemly. But even if he hung off the sauce our man is a loser in the battle of wits & proof-positive that racism makes you stupid.

Last week he claimed the murder of nine Black worshippers was an attack on Christianity. Yesterday in a speech about the massacre on the Senate floor where the chamber is usually half-asleep, he said, “That’s Mideast hate. That’s something I didn’t think we had here but apparently we do.”

Media says he’s known for his bluntness. Actually he’s known for his idiocies. At an AIPAC meeting last month he said “everything that starts with ‘al’ in the Middle East is bad news,” referring to the Arabic word for “the.”

Boneheads like Graham show the power of wealth & privilege in US politics because on a fast food job, he’d be the guy scraping swill.

(Photo of Graham by Bill Clark/AP)

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