Let Palestinians political voices be heard

It has to be said that too often Palestinians are spoken for & rendered invisible–as if the brains & the theoretics of Intifada were in diaspora. But Intifada has not survived for over 67 years by blowing in the wind theoretically. Their political leadership is written off as either the Palestinian Authority or Hamas which both have substantial political problems that allow some to equivocate or weasel out of solidarity. Many anti-Zionist Jews are among the most cogent voices of solidarity but the most powerful are Palestinians themselves & the boycott (BDS) movement has begun to familiarize activists with their voices.

This video has an interview with Ronnie Barkan, an Israeli anti-Zionist activist, & with Haidar Eid, a Palestinian professor who lives in Gaza, who here gives a powerful elaboration of a democratic secular state which he counterposes to the racist two-state proposal. His explanation makes all the paltry apologetics for a Palestinian bantustate pale in comparison.


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