Lesser evil voting & war apologetics

If your most cogent objections to lesser evil voting is insulting those who reject the two-party shell game as doctrinaires, intellectually inferior, infantile, indiscriminate, it’s only because you use vituperations to obscure support for Clinton as the person you think most likely to lead an effective, all-out war against Assad.

Why be shy about your support for US militarism? That suggests you may have reservations about the efficacy of so-called US humanitarian bombing (indicating you still have some rationality intact) or that you are unwilling to accept the consequences of your war-mongering. Regrettably. it also means you have no idea how the US government is run, what role the POTUS plays, how military policy is formulated, what the US is doing in Syria–& just coincidentally, how militarism works for capitalism.

Figure out those questions before you ask Americans to send their kids to slaughter civilians in Syria or elsewhere & then have the courage to admit your commitment to militarist solutions.

A word to the wise: name calling is always a red alert that ‘there is no there there’ to your political position.