Lesser-evil is the triumph of expedience over political principles

Many people vote lesser-evil because they see it as the only alternative but they harbor deep misgivings since they know it doesn’t work. Obama was the last lesser evil candidate. And he wasn’t just the lesser-evil guy; he was regarded as the coming of the messiah.

But after nearly eight years of his regime, there are several more US wars & troop deployments; US military meddling against the Arab democratic uprisings to reverse them; two carpet bombing sieges over Gaza bankrolled by the Pentagon under commander-in-chief Obama; serious inroads against the US Bill of Rights, including especially in the Black community; more immigrant deportations than under George Bush. The greater evil couldn’t have done worse.

While the majority of people who vote lesser-evil have misgivings & reluctance—actually the majority of eligible voters don’t even register or if they do, don’t bother to vote—radicals who call themselves revolutionaries jump whole-hog into campaigning for the lesser-evil with a simple-minded credulity that never fails to appall. But you can’t have it both ways. You can’t abandon political principles in the ballot box because if you do that’s called expedience. And expedience has always proven the enemy of justice.

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