Lesser evil going into overdrive; resorts to lies

Lesser evil rationalizations are going into overdrive. If people want to vote for Sanders, just do it with pride & without apology. That’s your democratic right. There’s no need to lie your ass off about his views on Israeli apartheid. And anyway, that is not the only issue he stinks on. He is rotten on immigration rights & publicly said undocumented immigrants threaten the integrity of the nation-state. That’s an artful expression of xenophobia. He is absolutely deplorable on war, pretending he’s against some of them but always voting appropriations.

Own up to it if you support him. Don’t be bullied. Stand by your own judgements & convictions. But for heaven’s sake, stop misrepresenting what he stands for. It just has to be said that if you oppose Israeli apartheid & also support him, you are wallowing in contradictions of the kind you should be uncomfortable about.