Lesser evil Bernie Sanders is not my schtick

I’ve recently received several invitations to “like” Bernie Sanders Facebook walls–which apparently proliferate with panic at a Clinton/Trump runoff. Putting aside that I’m running a campaign against all of the Democratic & Republican candidates, let me say with absolute clarity that I will never vote for anyone–even a lesser evil anyone–who is not intractably opposed to all US wars, Israeli apartheid, & steadfast for immigration/refugee rights. If a candidate doesn’t stand on the human rights side of those issues, nothing else they stand for matters. Because racism is the heart of all of them & racism is the monstrous impediment to social transformation around the world. There can be no compromise with it, even compromises of the lesser evil kind.

I haven’t panicked at an election result for decades because I don’t believe in saviors–especially saviors coming from either of the two corrupt parties. Maybe that’s because I’m a sixties-generation person who saw the power of independent political action like the antiwar, civil rights, & women’s movements. We saw democratic political power in action & there ain’t no going back to relying on compromised, lying-assed politicians to make social transformation for us.