Kashmir’s economic importance to India

My Facebook memories from a year ago today popped up a discussion on Indian hydroelectric power projects & power shortages in Kashmir. My research on that was dead-ending for lack of sources & my grasp of the economics of the occupation still in need of education. Kashmir isn’t just real estate to India but has economic, political, & military importance.

Re-reading the discussion is more valuable now than it was then–mostly the insights of Kashmiri activists but also the expressions of ignorance & prejudice by nationalists. I never did the post because I really didn’t understand enough. Kashmiris have probably written much more cogent analyses that should be shared.

Wondering if anyone would be interested in my re-posting it here–primarily because it elaborates some of the economic importance of Kashmir to India. Colonial occupation isn’t just based on irrational nationalist hatred, nor certainly on religious disputes.

This is link to that discussion: https://www.facebook.com/MaryScullyReports/posts/10206913003896677?hc_location=ufi