Solidarity with Rohingya Muslim women raped by soldiers in scorched earth genocide

Rohingya mother and child (Nov 18 2016)

Bangladeshi activist Jannatun Nayeem Nayeema has initiated a social media campaign to stand with Rohingya women being raped as part of the scorched earth genocide going on now of Rohingya Muslims by the Myanmar military in Arakan (Rakhine) state.

One Rohingya woman who testified said:

” Peace be upon you.
I am talking to the brothers from my village.
They [soldiers] brought us to the yard.
They put their hands into our clothes & are abusing us.
They took us into the house & are abusing us.
They took the young girls into the house & abused.
Then they came out one by one [solider] from house.
How do we stay in this country?
Please pray for us.
I was abused by them & I just came out by crawling.
Brothers, please pray for us.
I can’t talk any more. ”

Under the solidarity rubric of “an injury to one is an injury to all,” Jannatun has asked us to post these social media hashtags on our walls:


(Photo is Rohingya mother & child)