Kashmiris “breathe torture, inhale injustice”

MC Kash raps in English because “English is a universal language. Kashmiris know how they have suffered.” He uses the power of music to educate about the unremitting brutalities of military occupation. Just in the past several hours young activists have been murdered & several protesters injured by paramilitary forces using pellet guns, tear gas, & live ammunition. Afzal Guru, who was hung by the Indian government on February 9th 2013 (MC Kash honored him in “Bring Them Home”), said from his jail cell that Kashmiris “breathe torture, inhale injustice.”

Kashmiri activists feel powerful affinity with Palestinians in their struggle against colonialism. MC Kash said, “Gaza & Kashmir are related. A stone relates us. Humiliation relates us. Occupation relates us. Anger relates us. The human rights violations relate us. Intifada relates us.”

We can carry solidarity forward by sharing videos like this which expose the occupation & show the grief & relentless demand for Azadi (freedom) which drives Kashmiri resistance.