Kashmiri protests in solidarity with Gaza 2014

Kashmiri protest for Gaza 2014 (INn AMm) May 25 2016

In reviewing my posts (which go back to 2012) about the several year strike by public service workers, teachers, & health workers in Srinagar, Kashmir, I came across this photo from FB friend INn AMm in a post about Palestinian solidarity rallies in 2014.

The protest shown is one of several Palestinian solidarity rallies in Indian-occupied Kashmir during the 2014 Israeli carpet bombing siege of Gaza. There were protests around the world numbering over a million people on every continent, in every country, in major cities & small hamlets. The protests signaled that Palestinians no longer stood alone.

In Kashmir, the struggle against the occupation is now called Intifada as a tribute to Palestinians who also stand unarmed against occupation & colonialism. Because protesters in both Palestine & Kashmir are violently attacked by soldiers, this march expresses solidarity with particular power.

Long live Palestinian & Kashmiri Intifada. End the occupations. Self-determination for both.