John Kerry putting on his mad face


The headlines read “US fuming over Israeli criticism of Kerry.” Is Obama outraged at Israeli ethnic cleansing in Gaza? At Israel using illegal anti-personnel weapons like DIME shrapnel & flechette shells, including on small children? At bombing refugee centers & playgrounds full of kids? No! Obama’s outraged because Israeli media commentators are criticizing Kerry for his diplomatic maneuverings on behalf of the US. After all, the US is bankrolling this war & those commentators have a a lot of gall to bite the hand that feeds them.

That Kerry is a screw-up comes as no surprise; the guy’s so privileged he probably never had to wipe his own ass & likely doesn’t know shite from shinola. The US government has a lot invested in Israel, billions banking on Zionism’s colonial project, & they have no intention of letting Netan-psycho-yahu’s genocidal hatred of Palestinians & military excesses undo 66 years of systematic propagandizing to protect US economic & political interests in the Middle East.

The Exodus narrative, complete with Andy Williams crooning the soundtrack, is in a shambles. Only the most psychopathic Zionists & their supporters can look with equanimity & not horror on the bombing of children. When people around the world watch the horrors of Israeli ethnic cleansing & see reports of the hundreds of thousands out protesting, they will understand something in the Exodus narrative stinks to high heavens.

This is Kerry putting on his mad face (not easy for a guy shot up with Botox) but what concerns him is that Israeli reporters claim he’s too accommodating with Hamas. He’s gonna move that evil eye in our direction when he hears the thunderous chorus of Palestinian supporters around the world denounce him & the whole of the Israeli & US governments as war criminals.

Long live Palestinian intifada! Take it international with protesting, boycotting, and continuing to stand with Gaza.

(Photo of Kerry from the appropriately named Yahoo)

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