Ivanka Trump has shoe & garment lines manufactured in sweatshops

Trump just signed an executive order for an apprenticeship & job training program to keep jobs in America which he thanked his daughter Ivanka for helping launch. She was there at the signing, beaming ear-to-ear. How does that correlate with her use of sweatshop workers overseas working in deplorable conditions to manufacture her shoe & garment lines?

The $100 million Saudi donation to her women entrepreneur program is actually a scam being run by the World Bank who will launch a $1-billion fund next month at the G-20 meeting in Germany to help female entrepreneurs. They will control the fund, not Ivanka Trump who functions as their celebrity shill. This program needs to be investigated since the World Bank & IMF are key players in the establishment & consolidation of sweatshop economics around the world. Millions of refugees have set out on arduous journeys to escape the depredations of sweatshops depriving them of rights, dignity, & the possibility of a human life.

The World Bank has been operating female entrepreneur programs for several years in countries like Ethiopia & it appears they involve child labor. It’s hard to know because it’s difficult to access information about exactly what the money goes for. But that would correspond with their involvement in sweatshop economics which are based on child & women’s labor. It also corresponds with World Bank involvement in artisanal gold mining in some African countries where children & adults work in extremely toxic conditions & are then ripped off by middle men working with the global industry.

How much rubbish will this administration force us to swallow? Actually, it’s taking us a lot more up close & personal with exactly how capitalism works at our expense.