Israel’s apartheid wall: closes Palestinians in but not Israeli settlers out

Apartheid wall in Israel (REUTERS:Amir Cohen) July 23 2016

This is a section of the Israeli apartheid wall closing in the West Bank. The people in the scene are part of Netanyahu’s security personnel & entourage after a media briefing.

Curious thing about that apartheid wall: it only closes Palestinians in but not Israeli settlers out of the West Bank.

A similar version of this monstrosity crawls along the US border with Mexico. Drumpf wants it higher & more impenetrable. There are versions of this wall all over the world made of cement, razor wire, steel & monitored with drones, high-tech surveillance equipment & border guards. It’s become a planet of barriers between human beings & against human rights & democracy.

How has the world come to this!? More importantly, how can we stand together to reverse this aesthetic assault, violation of human rights, expression of rancid xenophobia & complete lack of democracy?

Building BDS is one way to address the apartheid wall in Israel.

(Photo by Amir Cohen/Reuters)