Israeli ethnic cleansing in Gaza

A Palestinian boy & man here seek shelter in a car damaged in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza City on Monday. The airstrikes began Saturday in southern Gaza & moved north to Gaza City. There are no international voices of outrage while Israel pummels everything that moves with bombs. Israel claims the airstrikes are retaliation for rockets from Gaza but they aren’t able to produce a single shred of evidence for such attacks. Providing press releases from the Israeli military or setting off air raid sirens in Israel are not evidence.

No one yet knows who kidnapped the three boys from one of the illegal Zionist settlements in the West Bank though Israel is blaming it on Hamas. We don’t make light of the abduction or consider it an acceptable strategy to target children (as Israel does Palestinian children)–& neither do most Palestinians. But the fate of those boys is really not what concerns Israel or it would be negotiating for their safe return, not provoking the situation by terrorizing the West Bank with thousands of jackboots & arresting Palestinians in an indiscriminate dragnet.

The fear on this small boy’s face tells us what we have to do: support Palestinian justice by boycotting all Israeli products (barcode beginning 729); support the cultural boycott of Israel; & demand “No military aid to Israel!”


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