Invidious parallels between Zionist & Assadist propaganda

The invidious parallels between Zionist propaganda against Palestinians & Assadist propaganda against Syrians is all there:

–children used as human shields in Gaza & in east Aleppo;
–depictions of Palestinians as Hamas & Syrians as Al-Nusra terrorists;
–fake photos & videos of Syrian atrocities & war crimes (like “the Omran hoax” & White Helmet rescues & now just pouring out of east Aleppo) according to Assadists & fake photos & videos of Israeli atrocities produced by what Zionists call “Pallywood.”

What’s deplorable is that many Palestinian supporters repeat about Syrians what they excoriated about Palestinians. The reasons are likely partly political, partly personal (too intellectually lazy to investigate). It would not be maligning truth to say it is based on a profound Islamophobia that adopts US Pentagon war-mongering to justify betraying the Syrian movement for democracy against Assad’s dictatorship.

Or is it only that Bashar Assad is just too stylish & western to be a monstrous dictator?