International Men’s Day: the festival of misogynist idiots

International Men’s Day came & went yesterday; I knew humanity was moving forward when not a single person posted on it–though it’s celebrated in about 70 countries by at least 70 political halfwits, assuming they all showed up. It’s a commemoration born of petulance & political infantilism from men’s liberation types who just don’t get the relationship of forces under patriarchy. Color them stupid.

It’s not misandrous to hold such a commemoration in contempt. Not all men prosper under patriarchy–to make an understatement. We do not hold all men in contempt but consider most our brothers. The impulse driving this silly-assed event is a denial of the unspeakable violence faced by women all over this planet & the need to organize against it.

To our brothers, we always extend the hand of solidarity & ask them to stand with us in our struggle; to men’s liberation, we say “time to grow up, busters!”