If there is a heart, it should break now

Group of Syrian refugees

If there is a heart, it should break now.
If it is broken, it should shatter now

The sea is full of hope and rage
deceit and cruelty are the dust of now.

Innocence consoles the bravery
How a father shall embrace the child now?

There is no land left for migrants
Border, bullet, prayer, abuse and now.

Life is left behind in smoke and fire
The body carries the soul and tears are dry now.

Winter will pass, spring will come
An eternal autumn will stay here now.

Rise and rise, cry and cry, rage and rage
Fight and fight, die and die, now and now


Poem by Musab Iqbal

(Photo is refugees on Syrian-Turkish border on Feb. 7th, prevented from crossing to escape bombing because of Turkish government’s cash exchange & deal with EU. By Ammar Abdullah/Reuters)