Hunting elephants and that karma is a bitch thing

It’s not wise to get all high & mighty about people who like hunting because many are just inculcated with the “great chain of being” thing & can’t see animals as anything more than brutish & without spirit or emotions. It’s part of the alienation from nature that modern urban dwellers feel. And may be it’s just alienation in general. Or, more likely, they’re just complete knuckleheads.

But I read today about a great white hunter in the lower Zambezi Valley of Africa who led safaris on elephant hunts. He was charged by an elephant bull he was tracking with a client (likely one of those affluent nimrods who pose with their dead prey like the king of Spain & Donald Trump’s dumb-ass kids did).

The elephant was in musth, the frenzied state of rutting season, & in no mood to be taken out by some dilettante hunter & a thrill killer. Our man the professional hunter got off one shot before he bit a hoof & Beelzebub ushered him to that special place in hell reserved for elephant killers.

May he RIP but now he knows for sure that karma is a bitch.

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