Head of NYC police union belly-aches they don’t get no respect

The head of New York City’s police “union” is whining that cops think Mayor de Blasio’s statement on the Garner verdict ‘threw them under the bus’, a cliche he repeated more than once as he is given more to brutality than to eloquence. Oh cry me a river!

He also said we have to teach kids not to be afraid of cops & “to comply with New York City police officers even if they think it’s unjust” as it most often is. The NY Civil Liberties Union reports that since 2002 over 5 million New Yorkers have been subjected to stop & frisk interrogations. Nine out of ten accosted were completely innocent of anything. Just in the first three quarters of 2014, nearly 39,000 were stopped. Almost 21,000 were Black (54%); 11,000 were Latino (27%); & 5,000 were white (12%). Overall, 32,000 were innocent of anything. What the other 7,000 did to merit detention is anybody’s guess. They might have had a joint in their pockets. Oh whoop-dee-doo!

Numerous studies show NYC police target Blacks & Latinos. Can anyone think of a good reason why they should be taught to respect that? In truth, we should not teach children to respect or comply with harassment; we should teach them to resist oppression every inch of the way. We should teach them to be judicious if nailed by a cop–in the same way you are if cornered by a rattle snake. We should teach them to respect themselves, respect justice & fairness, but for heaven’s sake only a fool would teach them to respect racist authority.

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