Grief and anger drive social transformation

Mexican families Nov 23 2014

This scuffle is riot cops in the Z√≥calo, Mexico City, surrounding relatives of the 43 disappeared student teachers who are leading protests against the government. Never underestimate the power of the primary emotions like grief & fury in driving social transformation & social revolution against tyranny. When what is most precious is taken, it’s not that there is nothing left to lose but that there is nothing left to fear. That grief will settle in the bones & become the marrow of revolution. When combined with uncompromising analysis of who is enemy & who is ally in the cacophony of social struggle, no military arsenal will be able to withstand its force.

The effete who think social change is correct exegesis of Marx & Engels or updating them with obscurantist disputations on the dialectic have missed the point. And will regrettably miss the revolution.

(Photo by Marco Ugarte/AP)

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